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Project Practice Improvement Services

Every Project is an Investment.  Your organization invests substantial time, resources and budget in projects of all types and sizes.

Make Successful Projects a Cornerstone of your Investment Strategy!  An OPA_P3® assessment reveals strengths to build on as well as areas to improve.

We use a Four Step Process
  1. Step One: Set Goals for Project Improvement
    • Determine your projects’ primary points of failure
    • Set goals for practice standardization and improvement
    • Build organizational support for needed change

  2. Step Two: Use OPA-P3® to assess Best Practice standardization and usage
    • Use OPA_P3® to measure your Project practices
    • Discover strengths to build on and opportunities for growth
    • Communicate current and future states

  3. Step Three: Establish a standards and practice Improvement Program
    • Use OPA_P3® assessment results to build a project improvement Road Map
    • Employ targeted training and mentoring to reach all levels of the organization, from executives to project teams
    • Embed practice improvements in your business processes

  4. Step Four: Support Organizational Adoption of change and monitor results for Continual Improvement
    • Make the changes an integral part of the culture.
    • Use Metrics to demonstrate improved project performance and the enhanced Business Value that results.
    • Use successive OPA_P3® assessments as your guide

Deliver the Long-Term Project Value you need.
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Printable Project Practice Improvement Services Brochure
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