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The Project Template Library

Project Templates for Non-Commercial Use

We regard any organization that does not have profit as its primary purpose to be Non-Commercial. Examples include local, state/provincial or federal/central government entities; not-for-profit organizations; non-profit hospitals or educational institutions; and religious institutions.

Commercial Organizations Non-Commercial Organizations

Two options are available for Non-Commercial Organizations to obtain our Project Templates:

  • Purchase any of our fully-featured Premium Templates under a commercial license and receive a 50% rebate.
  • Obtain a non-commercial license for a limited template set with fewer features at no cost.
Please see the comparison table below for more details.

Comparison Table for Non-Commercial Customers

What You Get: Non-Commercial Template Set Premium Templates for Non-Commercial Use
No Charge 50% Rebate
Over 50 Project Templates (last update 2006) Yes! N/A
Non-Commercial License Yes! N/A
Over 100 World-Class Project Templates No Yes!
Over 60 updates and new templates No Yes!
Consistent with the most recent IIBA® and PMI® standards No Yes!
Extensive cross-template integration No Yes!
Comprehensive built-in help No Yes!
Update Support for 3 Years No Yes!

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