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Analysis and Improvement of Business Process

Course Overview

All organizations use business processes in the course of daily work. When a process becomes faulty or inefficient, we analyze it to determine where the fault lies and what action may be required.

Analysis and Improvement of Business Process describes a proven, effective method for modeling of a process, analysis of its faults and their root cause, and determination of best steps for improvement. Also included are methods for stakeholder analysis and engagement, information elicitation, process modeling, gap analysis, development of an improvement plan, and more. This course is fully consistent with both traditional (waterfall) and agile project environments.

Topics include:
  • Nature of the business process
  • Process quality characteristics
  • Factors that affect process quality
  • Business Process Analysis (BPA)
  • When BPA is needed
  • BPA lifecycle
  • BPA roles and tools
  • Process goals and metrics
  • Process modeling
  • Problem determination and root cause analysis
  • Determining process improvement steps
  • Stakeholder validation
  • The process improvement proposal
Who should attend
This course is of particular value to business analysts, process owners, project managers, and other managers with direct or indirect responsibility for definition, analysis, and improvement of business processes. Project Management Office staff and managers of business analysts may also find value in this course.

This course assumes that participants have participated in some projects and have some understanding of one or more business analyst roles.

Course Outline

  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis (BPA)
  • Roles and tools in BPA
  • Process quality characteristics
  • Factors that affect process quality
  • When BPA is needed
  • BPA lifecycle
Step 1: Select a Process
  • Problem assessment
  • Business use case diagram
Step 2: Identify Stakeholders
  • Stakeholder identification and analysis
  • Stakeholder register
  • Stakeholder management
  • PAT charter
Step 3: Plan the Business Process Analysis
  • Plan first, then Do
  • BPA environment
  • Business Process Analysis Plan
  • The benefits of planning
Step 4: Elicit Process Information
  • Planning an Elicitation
  • Interviews
  • Workshops
  • Observation
  • Surveys
  • Brainstorming
  • Document analysis
Step 5: Document Goals; Identify Metrics
  • Purpose of Goals and Metrics
  • Process goals
  • Goal Question Metric (GQM)
  • Metrics data
Step 6: Model the As-Is Process
  • Use of models in process analysis
  • ETVX
  • Flowchart and Swimlane Diagram
  • Use Case Diagram and Scenarios
  • Entity Relationship Diagram
  • BPMN
Step 7: Root Cause Analysis
  • Finding root cause
  • Ishikawa Diagram
  • Selecting Root Cause(s) to Repair: Pareto Analysis
Step 8: Identify Improvement Options C
  • hoosing Improvement Options
  • List of Needs
  • Process requirements
  • Business rules
  • Solution approach
  • STP Analysis
Step 9: Stakeholder Validation
  • Validation of recommendations
  • Stakeholder walkthrough
Step 10: Model the To-Be Process
  • To-Be Process Models
Step 11: Present Recommendations
  • Business case
  • Management briefings
  • Next steps

Course Summary and Q&A

This course includes over 20 exercises that reinforce comprehension and retention.

Learning Approach
  • A highly qualified instructor will use interactive lecture format, numerous hands-on exercises, team activities, group discussions, and other techniques to drive home the essential points of this material
  • We will build on your prior experience in this topic, while providing you with a structure and vocabulary to use in all of your future projects.
  • If you have modest understanding of Business Process Analysis, you will find that the clarity of the material and direct presentation style of the instructor will make the subject matter easy to understand.
  • You will receive a Participant Guide which will help you follow the material, take notes and retain what you learned so that you can apply it on your job.
Why should I take this course?
  • Experienced Business Analysts will acquire a broader understanding of how to carry out an effective Business Process Analysis.
  • If you are new to Business Process Analysis, the exercises in this course will give insights into essential concepts and techniques.
  • All participants take home a set of tools and techniques to help them deal with all aspects of Business Process Analysis.
  • Take this course and learn how to avoid many of the problems that Business Analysts most often encounter when engaging in process analysis.
Use this courseware to teach your students!
This course is available under license to qualified Training Providers. Courseware materials include:
  • Instructor slides
  • Instructor manual with timing guide
  • Printed participant guide
  • Train the Trainer instruction
  • Written for classroom or virtual delivery
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Course Information

Course ID: 4050
Duration: 3 days
Class size: 6 to 15
Delivery: Virtual
· CBAP® certified instructor
· Participant Guide
· BA templates
· Certificate of Participation
· 21 CDUs / PDUs
  Tech:12 Lead:4 Strat:5

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