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Looking for great service? Contact any of the following organizations to get the results you want from people you can trust. CVR/IT Consulting works with all of the following companies to extend the range of our services.

Tanden Tanden's stated mission is "to lead through teaching and inspiring others." They do this through effective collaboration and alignment of our primary services to meet our customers' needs. Services include project management training, leadership development and project team development.
Fast Lane Fast Lane is the only IT training company that operates on a global basis, delivering training in 41 countries and 18 languages.  Fast Lane has developed a complete line of vendor independent Foundation Courses and uses Vendor Certified Instructors to prepare you for the most advanced technologies.
ProTech Training ProTech specializes in corporate education and offers both live and virtual classes to fit your specific training requirements. With over 1000 courses in a variety of subjects, ProTech will be sure to meet your training needs. ProTech markets select Business Analysis, Project Management, and other courses provided by CVR/IT Consulting LLC.
Eogogics Eogogics is a one-stop source for training and knowledge services in areas ranging from high-touch to high-tech. Offerings include client-site, customized classes; periodic public seminars and webinars on cutting-edge topics; off-the-shelf and custom developed research reports; consulting, research, and development (both remote and client-site); and in-sourced (client site) or outsourced development of documentation, training, and e-learning in telecommunications, wireless, IT, systems engineering, public safety, security, law enforcement, soft skills, management and leadership.
DA&R DA&R is a close-knit virtual team of advisory and execution consultants to management, led by Darrel A. Raynor, who solve your interim operations, technology, and project management challenges. Available for Interim COO, CIO, CTO, Vice President MIS/IT or Application Development, and to serve on Board of Directors.

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