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CVR/IT Consulting has made a few Project Management presentations and template overviews available to the Global Project Management Community. We hope that you find them useful in your work. If you do, please let us know! If you have presentations or papers that you would like to share, send them to us. We will post high quality materials on this site and include full attribution to the author(s) in the documents.

Additional documents will be added to this list from time to time; please feel free to check in regularly to see what's new. At this time, we have the following documents available for your consideration.

General Topics
All About Templates A presentation that explains in simple terms the amazing value of project templates
PMO - Catalyst for Change A discussion of the PMO as Change Agent, with implications for PMO design
Benefits of a PMO Charter An explanation of why the PMO Charter is one of the most important documents a new PMO can have
Organizational Change Management A discussion of the importance of addressing the organizational change that may be caused by a project

Template Overviews
These presentations provide detail about a few templates used by Project Managers, Business Analysts and the Project Management Office (PMO). All of these templates are included in the Project Template Library.

     Project Evaluation Tool This template allows you to perform a quantitative analysis of as many as 24 projects and then compare them for value and risk. Considers up to 21 parameters including Strategic Alignment, Cost/Benefit, four risk factors, Resource Constraints, and much more. Use this powerful tool during Project Selection and Prioritization.
     Support Analysis A Force Field analysis tool designed to provide insight into how to manage stakeholders based on their support or lack of support for a project (e.g. PMO implementation).

    Business Analysis
     BA Productivity Pack Six Templates in one Excel file. Fully BABOK® compatible. Includes Project Ecosystem, Requirements Types checklist, Data Definitions worksheet, Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities, Requirements Risk Analysis and more.
     Business Process Analysis Toolkit Seven Templates in one Excel file. Fully BABOK® compatible. Includes all of the following: BPA Mini-Charter, Stakeholders Analysis, Meeting Preparation Document, GQM (Goals - Questions - Metrics), ETVX (Entry - Tasks - Validation - eXit), SIPOC (Suppliers - Inputs - Process - Outputs - Customers), STP (Situation - Target - Proposal), and more.

    Project Management
     CRRCA® - Comprehensive Risk Register with Cost Analysis (CRRCA®) is a full featured risk analysis tool that takes "risk register" to a new level. Use this tool in any project where control of budget and schedule are of paramount importance, or to minimize threats to enterprise, populace or environment. Includes Cost and Time quantitative analysis; calculation of Contingency Reserves, time and monetary costs of Proactive Responses, Risk Exposure, Risk Response Efficiency, Net Gain/Loss for Opportunities; and much more.
     Quick IT Project Risk Evaluator Easy to use tool asks 25 multiple choice questions that provide a surprisingly effective risk evaluation for any Information Technology project. This template supplements any project charter and directly supports the Project Evaluation Tool (see PMO above).
     Easy Earned Value Good News! It is now easy to harness the power of Earned Value Management (EVM) in small projects. Two Easy Earned Value workbooks (one for cost, the other for labor hours) make EVM practical for projects that last between 3 and 12 months. This tool makes EV setup and maintenance a snap. The full range of EV status and forecasting data are provided, along with graphs that can easily be dropped into a status report. This presentation walks you through the whole process.
     Project Budget Planner A highly automated, start to finish project budgeting tool. Includes labor and non-labor costs, hours and cost by month and by project phase, post-project operation and maintenance, cost responsibility and cumulative cost curves. SWAGMeister - using PERT for Budgeting -This amazing new tool allows you to create a credible project cost estimate even when very little information is available. Makes the well known PERT approach easy to use.
     Change Request Log Summarizes all project Change Requests and their status, and supports tracking of changes to project baselines.
     Project Charter Supplemental Documents A collection of several documents that can supplement the Project Charter in areas of schedule, scope and risk. Used to allow more focus on a specific topic, or when more detail is needed than will easily fit in the charter document.

Additional documents will be added to this list from time to time; please feel free to check in regularly to see what's new.

Terms and Conditions:

White Papers and Presentations on this website may be downloaded and used free of charge, courtesy of CVR/IT Consulting, as long as all references to template origins are left intact in each document's Properties box. In all cases, CVR/IT Consulting retains full copyright to all materials posted on this website unless specifically stated otherwise. Detailed Terms and Conditions are available for your review.

If you have resources that you would like to share, please feel free to send them to us. We will post high quality materials and include full attribution to the author(s) in the documents.

To find out more about CVR/IT Consulting services, send an email to with your business name and contact information.  You should receive a response within one business day.  All contact information is held strictly confidential.

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