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The Project Template Library

Project Initiation Templates

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Our most recent update - The Project Initiation template set gained a Business Case template, Support Analysis and a Stakeholder Register for a total of 16 templates. In addition, 4 other templates received updates. This set of templates supports every aspect of Project Initiation. All templates are delivered via email in a single zip file.

Note: All Initiation templates are now included in the PMO and Program Management template set where they can fully support the project selection process.

Price: $30 USD  

Some of the demos available below are in .pdf format - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Download it here if you don't have it already.

If you cannot receive a zip file just contact us and we will arrange a different form of delivery.

Business Case View Demo Here  This Business Case template has been designed specifically to help determine if a proposed project is worth funding. It does this by prompting for that information which is generally considered most indicative of project value. When used properly, this Business Case can provide management with crucial information about the merits of a proposed project and can be used to support an objective project selection process. The template provided is used when only one project approach is being considered. (A multi-approach version plus analysis tool is available in the BA Template set.) This template allows a VERY detailed description of a proposed project. Extensive inline help and NPV worksheet included. Rev 1.0; MS Word Docx; ~ 140 Kb  
Simple Stakeholder Register A simplified version of the standard Stakeholder Register specifically for use during Initiation. This template can help you track stakeholder information as you identify and analyze those with a stake in the project. Rev 1.0; MS Excel .xlsx ~190Kb  
Support Analysis View Demo Here  This template uses a Force Field analysis to provide insight into how to manage stakeholders based on their support or lack of support for a project. This update provides extensive instructions and additional functionality. Rev. 1.1; MS Excel ~52Kb
Cost Benefit Analysis View Demo Here  A vehicle in which to document the pros and cons of various project approaches and why the current approach was selected. Rev 2.3; MS Word Doc ~235Kb
Business Project Charter View Demo Here  This is a project proposal typically produced by one or more departments. Describes what the project is, its benefits, costs, risks and objectives. This project charter may be used in any general business project. Can serve as a companion document to the Project Evaluation Tool (see PMO templates). Rev 2.5; MS Word Docx ~75Kb  
IT Project Charter View Demo Here  This project charter may be used for internal IT projects or projects implemented by IT for one or more business customers. Describes what the project is, its benefits, costs, risks and objectives. This charter template is optimized for IT projects. Can serve as a companion document to the Project Evaluation Tool (see PMO templates). Rev 2.5; MS Word Docx ~75Kb  
Project Charter Lite View Demo Here  Quick charter document with much less overhead. Intended for small to medium projects but asks exactly the right questions for any project. Can serve as a companion document to the Project Evaluation Tool (see PMO templates). Update packs more information into a simple format. Rev 1.6; MS Word Docx ~90Kb.
PM Charter Supplemental Documents View Demo Here - The Template Library includes several documents that can supplement the Project Charter in areas of schedule, scope and risk. These include:
  • Project Charter: Business Requirements - This document provides an easy way to document Business Requirements in your project. Business Requirements are the high level capabilities, conditions, features, functions and objectives that drive the project, and are considered essential to effective requirements development (see the BABOK® for further information). Rev 1.0; MS Word Doc ~43Kb
  • Project Charter: Deliverables - Scope Document Addendum for the Project Charter. Use this if the Deliverables list is more than one page in length or to store a high level WBS in outline form. Rev 2.2; MS Word Doc ~41Kb
  • Project Charter: Milestones - Schedule Addendum for the Project Charter. Use this to record information about project phases, milestones, phase reviews and project completion criteria. Rev 2.2; MS Word Doc ~54Kb
  • Project Selection Criteria - This document prompts for that information which will be used to compare projects during the project selection process. Can serve as a companion document to the Project Evaluation Tool (see PMO templates). Rev 1.1; MS Word ~62Kb
  • Quick IT Project Risk Evaluator - View Demo Here - Easy to use tool asks 25 multiple choice questions that provide a surprisingly effective risk evaluation for any Information Technology project. Fully customizable; questions can be changed for any knowledge domain. Risk summary can be printed separately from the questionnaire. This template supplements any project charter and directly supports the Project Evaluation Tool (see PMO templates). This update includes improved questions and updated scoring.Rev 1.2; MS Excel ~101Kb
  • Preliminary Project Cost Estimator View Demo Here  Simple tool for developing an early estimate of project cost. Sample data are IT focused, but the template is Ideal as an addendum to any Project Charter whether for IT or Business. May also be used as a standalone document. Rev 1.1; MS Excel .xlsx ~20Kb  
    Project Charter Budget Worksheet A Budget worksheet for IT projects designed to help the Charter team develop a reasonably accurate Project Cost Estimate. Includes Operational and Capital costs. Rev 1.3; MS Excel ~54 Kb
    SWAGMeister - using PERT for Budgeting View Demo Here  This amazing tool allows you to create a credible project cost estimate even when very little information is available. Makes the well known PERT approach easy to use. Finance will love it! Rev 1.1; MS Excel ~113Kb
    Flexibility Matrix Analysis This template provides a quick analysis of Triple Constraint factors in your project. Use this AHP tool (forced choice comparison) to learn how you can best manage Cost, Time, Scope and Quality. Rev 1.0; MS Excel ~27Kb
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