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The Project Template Library

Project Essentials

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 Project Essentials consists of 20 templates that support the core functions of project management. All templates are delivered via email in a single zip file.

Price: $60 USD  

The demos available below are in .pdf format - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Download it here if you don't have it already.

If you cannot receive a zip file just contact us and we will arrange a different form of delivery.

Communication Plan View Demo Here  Details who requires what information, when, in what format, how it will be delivered, and by whom. Rev 2.2; MS Excel ~295Kb
Quality Plan View Demo Here  Explains how the Project Team will identify and meet the appropriate quality standards. Complete rewrite creates a more robust plan. Rev2.3; MS Word Doc ~126Kb
Resource Plan View Demo Here  Details all of the goods, services, and personnel required by the project (including when they are needed and the projected cost). Rev 2.1; MS Word Doc ~39Kb
Change Control Plan View Demo Here  Describes the process through which changes may be introduced into the project. This update is both more comprehensive and easier to use. Best Practice: Get this document signed by the Project Sponsor early in Planning and use it to control the high level scope definition found in the Project Charter. Later, use the same process to protect the integrity of your project scope baseline. Rev 3.0; MS Word Doc ~90Kb
Change Request Form View Demo Here  Used by any stakeholder to request a change in the project. When it applies to scope, budget, schedule, quality, risk or Business Value, a formal Change Control Process is invoked. Change Requests are reviewed during regular project meetings. This update provides a much easier document for stakeholders, and supports more complete analysis by the project team. Rev3.0; MS Word Doc ~90Kb
Change Request Log View Demo Here  Summarizes all project Change Requests and their status, and supports tracking of changes to project baselines. This update provides more complete Change Request information including cumulative impact of Change Requests to date and improved integration with other templates. Rev 3.0; MS Excel ~200Kb
Issue Log View Demo Here  Helps you to track all project Issues and their status. Makes it easy to review open issues at every regular project meeting. This update supports the full issue management lifecycle, including Issue description, priority, issue type, status, root cause, involved stakeholders, action plan, link to change request, time and monetary cost to project and more. Rev 2.3; MS Excel xlsx ~133Kb
Lessons Learned Document Record commentary regarding Lessons Learned throughout the project in this form. Provides categories of project work to encourage group discussion. Rev 1.1; MS Word Doc ~39Kb
Business Project Charter View Demo Here  This is a project proposal typically produced by one or more departments. Describes what the project is, its benefits, costs, risks and objectives. This project charter may be used in any general business project. Can serve as a companion document to the Project Evaluation Tool (see PMO templates). Rev 2.5; MS Word Docx ~75Kb
IT Project Charter View Demo Here  This project charter may be used for internal IT projects or projects implemented by IT for one or more business customers. Describes what the project is, its benefits, costs, risks and objectives. This charter template is optimized for IT projects. Can serve as a companion document to the Project Evaluation Tool (see PMO templates). Rev 2.5; MS Word Docx ~75Kb
Project Charter Lite View Demo Here  Quick charter document with much less overhead. Intended for small to medium projects but asks exactly the right questions for any project. Can serve as a companion document to the Project Evaluation Tool (see PMO templates). This update packs more information into a simple format. Rev 1.6; MS Word Docx ~90Kb.
Risk Management Plan View Demo Here  Explains how the Project Team will identify, quantify, prioritize, and manage project risks. Once you have prepared this document you can use it over and over with little or no modification. Includes the most recent Risk Management terminology and a tight fit with the Risk Register. Rev 2.3; MS Word Doc ~152Kb
Standard Risk Register View Demo Here  Use this template to document how the Project Team intends to respond to significant identified risks (threats and opportunities). Includes adjustable risk thresholds, Detectability, separate Threat and Opportunity Registers and a Risk x Detectability chart. Features extensive built-in help, customizable dropdown lists and more. . Rev 1.8; MS Excel xlsx ~664Kb
Scope Statement View Demo Here  a.k.a. Scope Plan. Describes all of the work – and only the work – required to complete the project. This update provides a more comprehensive understanding of project scope, including high level Business Requirements and Project Management approach. Rev 3.0; MS Word Doc ~96Kbb
Scope Statement Instructions Explains how to fill out the Scope Statement (i.e. create a Scope Plan). Rev 2.1; MS Word Doc ~49Kb
Project Budget Planner View Demo Here  A highly automated, start to finish project budgeting tool. Includes labor hours, labor and non-labor costs, hours and cost annualized and by project phase, post-project operation and maintenance, cost responsibility and cumulative cost curves. Updated to display costs on an annual or monthly basis. Now available in dollar and euro versions. Rev 1.3; MS Excel xlsx ~130Kb
Meeting Minutes View Demo Here  A convenient format for recording minutes from Project team and other meetings. Rev 1.1; MS Word Doc ~27Kb
Status Report View Demo Here  Used to report project status. Provides a consistent format, including an Executive Summary section, for enhanced communication with upper management.  This update improves format and information content. Now in two versions, one with Earned Value and one without. Rev 2.3; MS Word Docx ~120Kb
Project Close Report Create this report at the very end of the project when all other work has been completed. The information provided on this template will allow management to evaluate project outcome. When this report is signed off, the project is officially closed. Rev 1.0; MS Word Doc ~130Kbb
Quick IT Project Risk Evaluator View Demo Here  Easy to use tool asks 25 multiple choice questions that provide a surprisingly effective risk evaluation for any Information Technology project. Fully customizable; questions can be changed for any knowledge domain. Risk summary can be printed separately from the questionnaire. This template extends any project charter and directly supports the Project Evaluation Tool (see PMO templates). This update includes improved questions and updated scoring. Rev 1.2; MS Excel ~101Kb
Transition Checklist View Demo Here  A quick check to ensure that deliverables of the project will be brought to full operational status, integrated into ongoing operations and maintained in a sustainable manner. An effective Transition is essential to the realization of Business Value after project completion. Update provides additional checklist questions and improved formatting. Rev 1.2; MS Word Doc ~120Kb
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