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The Project Template Library

Risk Management

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Our most recent update -  The Quick IT Project Risk Evaluator received a thorough refresh. Twelve templates in this group provide support in all aspects of proactive risk management. All templates are delivered via email in a single zip file.

Price: $50 USD  

Some of the demos available below are in .pdf format - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Download it here if you don't have it already.

If you cannot receive a zip file just contact us and we will arrange a different form of delivery.

Risk Management

Quick IT Project Risk Evaluator View Demo Here  Easy to use tool asks 26 multiple choice questions that provide a surprisingly effective risk evaluation for any Information Technology project. Fully customizable; questions can be changed for any knowledge domain. Risk summary can be printed separately from the questionnaire. Separate risk scores for Scope, Cost, Time and Customer Satisfaction. This template extends any project charter and directly supports the Project Evaluation Tool (see PMO templates). This update includes improved questions and updated scoring. Rev 1.3; MS Excel ~50Kb  
CRRCA® - Comprehensive Risk Register with Cost Analysis View Demo Here  (CRRCA®) is a full featured risk analysis tool that takes "risk register" to a new level. Use this tool in any project where control of budget and schedule are of paramount importance, or to minimize threats to enterprise, populace or environment. It includes everything in the Standard Risk Register (described below) plus: Cost and Time quantitative analysis; calculation of Contingency Reserves, time and monetary costs of Proactive Responses, Risk Exposure, Risk Response Efficiency, and Net Gain/Loss for Opportunities; Summary Report for Management; PERT and other assistance for estimates; extensive built-in help; and step by step instructions. Rev 1.1; MS Excel xlsx; ~818Kb  
Standard Risk Register View Demo Here  Use this template to document how the Project Team intends to respond to significant identified risks (threats and opportunities). Includes adjustable risk thresholds, Detectability, separate Threat and Opportunity Registers, a Risk x Detectability chart, customizable dropdown lists and more. This update features expanded built-in help, simple design and headings color mapped to PMBOK® Risk Management Processes. Rev 1.8; MS Excel xlsx ~664Kb  
Risk Identification Tool Use this tool to harness the insights of your project team and stakeholders. Combines the features of SWOT Analysis (Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats) with Force Field design. Start with general sources of risk and drive down to specifics. Rev 1.0; MS Excel ~33Kb  
Opportunity Discovery Template View Demo Here  This template helps you to discover hidden opportunities in your project. A unique Seven Step Process provides a systematic approach to finding value in unplanned risk events. Systematic use of this approach can completely change your view about the nature of project risk. Rev 1.0; MS Word Doc; ~76Kb  
Program Risk Evaluation Checklist View Demo Here  Aids in the evaluation of Program risk. Covers several areas of Program Management including Planning, Finances, Communication, Quality and Risk. Rev 1.0; MS Word Doc ~155Kb  
Project Planning Risk Evaluation Checklist View Demo Here  Ensures that all essential aspects of project planning are completed for this project. Rev 2.2; MS Word Doc ~228Kb
Risk Assessment SOW A sample Statement of Work that can be used if the project team must contract with an outside organization to perform a project risk assessment. Rev 2.1; MS Word Doc ~46Kb
Risk Management Plan View Demo Here  Explains how the Project Team will identify, quantify, prioritize, and manage project risks. Once you have prepared this document you can use it over and over with little or no modification. Includes the most recent Risk Management terminology and a tight fit with the Risk Register. Rev 2.3; MS Word Doc ~152Kb
Risk Management Schedule A Microsoft Project file with tasks typically required for risk management in a project. Rev 2.0; MS Project ~250Kb

Issues Management

Issue Document Used by any stakeholder to report an issue in the project. This update substantially improves the information used to report and understand project issues. Rev 2.3; MS Word Docx ~28Kb  
Issue Log View Demo Here  Helps you to track all project Issues and their status. Makes it easy to review open issues at every regular project meeting. This update supports the full issue management lifecycle, including Issue description, priority, issue type, status, root cause, involved stakeholders, action plan, link to change request, time and monetary cost to project and more. Rev 2.3; MS Excel xlsx ~133Kb

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