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The Project Template Library

Project Planning 2: Change, Quality and more

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Our most recent update -  Three new templates: Test Plan, Training Plan and Project Performance Commitment, have been added for a total of 13. All templates are delivered via email in a single zip file.

Price: $40 USD

Some of the demos available below are in .pdf format - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Download it here if you don't have it already.

If you cannot receive a zip file just contact us and we will arrange a different form of delivery.

Project Plans

New for 2014!
Project Performance Commitment
View Demo Here This template establishes targets in three areas: scope, schedule, and resources/budget. It documents an agreement on project delivery performance targets between the Project Sponsor and the Project Manager. Rev 1.0; MS Word Docx~ 50Kb  
Project Plan A linkage document that points to all other planning documents used in this project. This update is a terminology and content refresh; brings the Project Plan in conformity with other templates. Rev 2.3; MS Word Doc ~26Kb  
Change Control Plan View Demo Here  Describes the process through which changes may be introduced into the project. This update is both more comprehensive and easier to use. Best Practice: Get this document signed by the Project Sponsor early in Planning and use it to control the high level scope definition found in the Project Charter. Later, use the same process to protect the integrity of your project scope baseline. Rev 3.0; MS Word Doc ~90Kb  
Communication Plan View Demo Here  Details who requires what information, when, in what format, how it will be delivered, and by whom. Rev 2.2; MS Excel ~295Kb
Phase Exit Plan View Demo Here  Details all requirements that must be met before the Project Team can exit one project phase or begin the next. Can serve as the basis for end-of-phase project reviews. Now more fully integrated with other templates. Rev 2.2; MS Word Doc ~91Kb  


Test Plan View Demo Here  Provides all of the information necessary to carry out and control the test effort. Use this template to provide an overview of testing activities (e.g. build test cases, track defects) and detail specific types of testing that will be done (e.g., Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Load Testing, System Testing). Also describes what will be tested, the test environment, when testing will start and more.. Rev 1.0; MS Word Docx ~40Kb  
Quality Plan View Demo Here  Explains how the Project Team will identify and meet the appropriate quality standards. Complete rewrite creates a more robust plan. Rev2.3; MS Word Doc ~126Kb  


Training Plan View Demo Here  Use the Training Plan to document who needs what type of training, when, where, from what source and for what reason. Includes additional detail on each training engagement. Can be used to document training required by the project team, stakeholders and maintenance staff. Rev 1.0; MS Excel ~130Kb  
Stakeholder Register Record critical stakeholder information. Provides a communication plan, multiple forms of stakeholder analysis, and fully supports stakeholder expectations management. Rev 2.0; MS Excel .xlsx ~270Kb  
Commitments Agreement Form View Demo Here  
Use this form when your project requires:
   1. Deliverables from another project
   2. Resources from a source from within your organization
   3. Action to be taken by management (e.g. a governance body)
Protects your project from unfulfilled commitments. Rev 3.0; MS Word Docx ~35Kb  
Resource Plan View Demo Here  Details all of the goods, services, and personnel required by the project (including when they are needed and the projected cost). Rev 2.1; MS Word Doc ~39Kb
Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) View Demo Here  A chart that displays who, in which role, is responsible for which tasks. Great tool for keeping your stakeholders on task. Rev 2.2; MS Excel ~507Kb.  
Roles and Responsibilities Workbook helps you to plan staffing for your project. Start with roles, add skills and number of people, assign staff and plan their work. Rev 1.0; MS Excel ~121Kb  
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