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The Project Template Library

Project Transition and Close Templates

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Project Transition and Close consists of 5 templates, including two unique Transition Planning templates designed to make deployment trouble-free. All templates are delivered via email in a single zip file.

Price: $20 USD  

The demos available below are in .pdf format - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Download it here if you don't have it already.

If you cannot receive a zip file just contact us and we will arrange a different form of delivery.


Transition Checklist View Demo Here  A quick check to ensure that deliverables of the project will be brought to full operational status, integrated into ongoing operations and maintained in a sustainable manner. An effective Transition is essential to the realization of Business Value after project completion. Update provides additional checklist questions and improved formatting. Rev 1.2; MS Word Doc ~120Kb
Transition Plan Template View Demo Here  Transition Plan is used to ensure that the project plan includes all work necessary to bring project deliverables to full operational status, integrate them into ongoing operations and maintain them in a sustainable manner after project completion. This update provides improved layout and more precise questions. Rev 1.2; MS Word Doc ~230Kb


Lessons Learned Checklist View Demo Here  Checklist format provides an easy means of documenting Lessons Learned throughout the project. Rev 1.1; MS Word Doc ~67Kb
Lessons Learned Document Record commentary regarding Lessons Learned throughout the project in this form. Provides categories of project work to encourage group discussion. Rev 1.1; MS Word Doc ~39Kb
Project Close Report View Demo Here  Create this report at the very end of the project when all other work has been completed. The information provided on this template will allow management to evaluate project outcome. When this report is signed off, the project is officially closed. Rev 1.0; MS Word Doc ~130Kbb
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