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CVR/IT Consulting Training Services Course List

Project Portfolio Management / Project Management Office
Course NumberDuration (Days)Course Title
10141What Project Portfolio Management Can Do for Your Business
10151Essentials of Project Portfolio Management
10162Project Portfolio Management: What Every Executive Must Know
10183Executive's Guide to Project Portfolio Management
10204Implementing Practical Project Portfolio Management
10222Reach Your Strategic Goals: Getting the Most out of Projects
10661Choosing the Right Projects for the Right Time
1710½Attaining Strategic Goals through Projects
1712½Using Portfolio Management to Maximize Project Value
1724½How to Improve your Project Success Rate
1726½Seven Ways to Energize Project Portfolio Management
1728½How Project Management Improves the Bottom Line
1730½Executive's Guide to Great Project Stewardship
1732½Empowering Management to Drive Project Success
33102Design and Implementation of the Next Generation Project Management Office
7032½Financial Aspects of Project Portfolio Management
7050½Project Management Office: Agent of Change
7054½Launch Your PMO

Project Management
Course NumberDuration (Days)Course Title
10601Project Management Overview for Managers
10622Foundation in PM for Senior Managers
10642Advanced Project Topics for the Business Manager
1734½Project Change Control
17661Maximize the Value of Your Project Investments
20101Overview of Project Management
20152Project Management Fundamentals
20203Effective Project Management
20254Project Management for Technical Professionals
20305Foundation in Project Management
20451Project Management for Teams
20472Essential Project Skills for Teams
20503Scope, Time, and Cost: The Core of Project Management
20552Project Management for the Business Manager
20602Building and Managing Project Budgets
3010Program of StudyAdvanced Techniques in Project Management (ATPM)
30124Advanced Project Management for the Experienced Practitioner
30154People in Projects: Foundation for Project Success
30201Create Opportunity in Your Project NOW!
30253Controlling Project Risk; Managing Threats and Promoting Opportunities
30274Advanced Risk Management
30301Effective Expectations Management
30353Advanced and Applied Project Management
30552Project Templates: Power Tools for the PM
30602Defining and Managing Project Scope, Schedule and Requirements
30652Controlling Change to Scope and Requirements
30702When Agile is Not an Option: Maximizing the Value of Traditional Projects
31004Guide to Project Portfolio Management Implementation
7016½Winning the Estimation Game
7018½Opportunity: The Other Side of Risk
7024½Managing Stakeholder Expectations
7026½A Framework for use of Project Metrics
7028½Project Management Essentials
7030½People in Projects - Beyond the PMBOK®
7036½Managing Very Small Projects: Applying Project Management to Software Maintenance
7038½Templates: Simple but Effective PM Tools
7040½Bringing a Project to s Safe Landing
7046½Measuring Project Success
7056½Optimizing Long-Term Project Value
7058½Managing Project Risk

PMP® Exam Preparation
Course NumberDuration (Days)Course Title
20354 or 5PMP Certification Exam Prep
20405Launch into PM

Course NumberDuration (Days)Course Title
30452Leading People to Embrace Change
32102Leadership Skills for the Project Professional
Business Analysis
Course NumberDuration (Days)Course Title
40103Project Requirements: Definition and Management
40202Business Case Development
40354Business Analysis: Concepts, Tools and Techniques

We are your onsite training specialists!

All courses and workshops can be customized to fit your needs in full or half-day increments, in the format that works best for you:
  • Full Day classes - Intense programs designed to reach training goals in a short time, or to allow uninterrupted focus on material of significant importance
  • Half Day classes - Delivers the same material over a longer time period in order to allow less disruption of ongoing work, or half-day training combined with half-day mentoring
  • Opportunistic Training - Allows you to actually take advantage of a problem! Course material is quickly adapted to allow focus on and resolution of an ongoing problem while teaching participants the approach and techniques used to resolve it.
  • Off Site - Off site training is available in an attractive facility that promotes concentration on the course material away from the demands of current work
  • Customized - Our program is modular! Tell us which topics are most relevant to your circumstance and we will deliver those components of our program that have the best fit. Or you can use our OPMAP process to determine those training topics that will give you the most business impact.
  • Domestic and International - Our trainers and associate training organizations can deliver our training program anywhere in the world
All of our material is based on a unique Human Factors approach that gives special insights into what people can do to create success in their project environment. And all students receive a set of relevent templates from the Project Template Library, as much as a $75US value!

Pricing for Onsite Courses Bring our training to your facilities. All-inclusive onsite pricing starts low and gets better the more students you train.

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